Race against the time the doesn’t exist




Too often we hear a familiar saying that says, “well ya know there’s always a race against time”…and with having that generalized perspective,  you have to complete everything within a necessary  fragment of preconceived notion of something that really doesn’t exist. Time is built up into structured, orderly segments for the sake of giving an illusion that there is a revolving clock that really exist;  With that being said,  if we did, hypothetically speaking for example remove the clock from from our perceived perception of how are day should flow…what would be the result? Would we live in the moment; with no preconceived notion of what was to come, how it will begin, or where it was going. Just pure exponential bliss experienced simultaneously through experience after experience; each moment  feeling fresh and new, rather than a memory that has fallen short of embrace. To experience this elemental lift of consciousness, one must remove the clock and “just live”. Instead of drilling anxiety, worry or any other vibration that doesn’t speak to the lift of your soul then we would seemingly only focus on living, and breathing and embracing the present  moment…. so when things become overwhelming; and it seems that you have so much “little time” or you not “enough” to fulfill some material aspect of this world, just stop in that moment and embrace the true etheric nature of just “being” a “human being”.


The definition of the word contentment is “a state of happiness and satisfaction”…..

Okay, close your eyes; and use your mind to put you in a state of happiness…or satisfaction…. for example- something that makes you happy, may be a time you remember on vacation with family, or time a time you were at a party with friends and had the time of your life! Whatever it may be; utilize and hold on to this single thought; that resonates with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. That’s it! Nothing to complicated about that right ? I myself; daily have put into practice the utilization of concentrating and focusing my thoughts on the “now” Contentment in the way we see life; the way we look at others; and contentment in they way  we see ourselves. It is very crucial that we invest time into staying focused on the vibration of high illusionary thoughts; and feelings in order to bring change in the world and within ourselves.


Rebound Soul….

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I know better, I tell myself …

but at that very waking moment, when he makes me smile, when he kisses my cheek, something within me releases…. all the hurt, all the envy, that I had continuously weeped and weeped ; crying myself to sleep…the steady consistency of hurt and pain relinquishes from my soul so easily while temporarily trapped in the midst of the moist moment of feeling your lips enveloped onto mines….

I know better, I tell myself….

How can a young, beautiful, spontaneous brown beauty like me be so naieve? Dealing, with my own, transgressions and taken on the dissolutions of others? What is the reflection that life is trying to show me?? Why must I fall in love with broken, hurt souls, only to heal them, and leave myself; hurt, alone, and unhealed.

Still they come back time and time again,; hurt; unhealed souls, seeking its prey; loving the essence of a soul that encompasses love, and nothing else, which is all they need; because the light which fuels their source, burnt out a long time ago, for this type of soul always seeks another seed….

Chasing its prey, oh lost soul, it gets tiring, especially; when that souls begins to transpire out of its isolated state of depression, sorrow, guilt or shame, whatever it is; through the merging of a good soul; a lost damaged soul; can refuel its once dim light, and elevate; and transcend for the better; for himself  and for others….

To the point; that the fueling of its once so worrisome soul; repels a negative affect on the soul that it seeks for support; the soul that  encompasses nothing but giving, repairing, inspiring, motivating, loving and supporting the broken souls of others. While entailing all the entrapment of healing others that it eventually loses it’s energy; slowly drained; and left to sorrow; as once again the healing soul finds herself alone again, drained, but not shaken; bruised; but not willing to back down; always willing to extend her loving embrace as infinitely as her soul will allow her love to escape…

It hurts but I have to let go

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Endless conversations that drift off into the night, discovering each others mind, feeling and pondering each others thoughts…

Listening to the comforting sound of your breath as you reassure me, of your love and gratitude you have for me.

I love it,….however I see more than what’s visible to the human eye….and because of this suppressed yet outwardly power I have….I have to let you go…

I know the essence of love, I know the essence of patience, and I know the essence of growth, and you my dear….still need to grow…. I want to see you ascend, I want to see you fly, and elevate beyond what others could imagine…however I am in a growth stage myself….healing from the wombs of past hurts, neglect and abandonment….

Through the eyes of my hurt; I see and feel yours…..fighting deep in your soul for love and reassurance…..through which you seek any and all souls….

Which yields you victim for more hurt and pain, in which you gain and gain by constantly attending to other peoples pain….

It’s a shame, but its real, the parallels of life; spin like a wheel….

And with this being said,  I have to let go; I have to not pretend, that our wombs are similar, but the difference is …mines are healed……

Come Home…..

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I look out the window gazing, dreaming, & hoping that the universe guides your ever so lovely essence towards my way…..

But physically you can’t be near me; well not immediately; because your 500 miles away.

Long distance love, some would say….but I know in my heart meeting you was the laws of good ole fate’.

But to create the illusion of distance between us is quite frivolous in thinking, perhaps I create the illusion that your right next to me; whispering, caressing, and paralyzing my body with your loving embrace .

Let me whisper softly in your ear; how much I love you, and want to spoil you…while you light the fireplace….. and put on the sweet sounds of the fantastic Marvin Gaye

To paradise we go; holding; caressing; kissing away….. grab me in places that only leads my mind astray….

From paradise you elude me; with your soft lips; that kiss me from my ear to my fingertips…..

Then back to this parallel of reality; the one in which your absence exists; still I laugh because meeting you was quite amusing; your smile I couldn’t resist….

So here I wait, creating my imaginary illusions, because the essence of your love, no matter the distance….is only worthy of my taste…

What does it mean to Love?

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If you care to consider the evolutionary perspective some people place on the “term” called love- it generally is in a sense of expressing emotion, empathy and compassion for one another.  Love is sometimes expressed outwardly, but at times it is not easily expressed; not easily projected; and sometimes ran from because the emotional stimulation that it brings can be overwhelming. However, we can’t use societies or anyone else’s perspective of what love should be. Love ultimately ends up being the essence in which one’s mind can retire to at the end of day. Love is music; love is sunshine, love is the beautiful formation of how nature interludes us with its sweet charm on a fall day; spreading about beautiful multi-colored leaves, followed by a walk on the beach at the end of a hard work day. Love shouldn’t be specifically fragmented into one word- love is an expression of beauty that caters to the senses; and the senses that can’t be seen. It fills your stomach up after a good nice meal as well as your heart while waiting for you love to come home after a long night away from each other. One thing is for sure …..Love has many definitions…may perspectives and carries many emotions…..however it is always ongoing, on flowing, beautiful radiant energy that will never stop and will always be infinite….


Every path you take; every decision you make, every thought you put into implementation has a parallel direct effect and can transmit into the atmosphere based on variable of equations; those equations however stem from a fueled source and what one must master  the fueling of stimulation…. and direct the energy that you construct and create….to elevate, lift, surplus the soul within…. all else will follow